Wondering what to do in the summer holidays?

EXORTA is a fun week of mixed activities in the summer holidays in Surrey for teenagers aged 13, 14 and 15, boys and girls. It's a good age to try out new things, experiment, build your confidence and experience all this in the company of professionals who can share, guide and lead well.

We understand that teenagers need more than academic qualifications to shine and have long term success in this very competitive and rapidly changing world; they also need resilience, grit (perseverance), self-control and optimism, as well as an understanding of their own strengths.    

Learning about these qualities can be fun and the EXORTA holiday club week has been designed to be an an exciting, interesting and insightful time. It includes learning new skills, being trained by professionals on the golf course, in the media industry, under water and in the class room! This is a week you won't forget! 

We look forward to welcoming you.   

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         EXORTA  Growing through experience